Hello. My name is Amanda. I’m in the beginning stages of switching to a Gluten Free diet. This is not by choice. When I first had the suspicion, I was so upset. You see, I LOVE to bake. I bake bread. I bake cupcakes. When the holidays roll around, I bake cookies like a fiend. I thought I would have to give all that up, and well, I really didn’t want that to happen. But then I started researching and shopping and realized that I wouldn’t be missing out on all that much. As it turns out, some of my favorite foods are already Gluten Free! So when a doctor told me I needed to make the big switch, I wasn’t nearly as upset as expected. In fact, I was motivated. This was my new challenge. I’d been baking Dairy Free for a while already, so Gluten Free should be no problem. My goal is to make (and photograph as that is my other love) delicious Gluten Free goodies that EVERYONE, even those who can still have gluten can enjoy. I’d also like to share with you products that I find and like, GF friendly places, and recipes. Please feel free to share with me, too!

You can find me on Twitter as GFGreatPlains, and you can contact us at gfgreatplains@gmail.com.


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