Here’s to a new beginning!

Hello all! I hope everyone had fantastic holidays!

I’m going to start this post by apologizing for not having posted since Thanksgiving. I’ve stayed busy working and trying to balance getting everything set up for the bakery and it got to be quite a handful.

SO that being said: I’ve quit my day job to focus on getting my dream up and moving.

I’m so excited to get into our own space to bake, I know it seems like it’s taking forever (trust me, I KNOW) but we want to make sure that we have all of our ducks in the proper rows so there are no little surprises down the line. I’ve got champagne chilling for the day we get keys!

I wanted to share with you some of my NY Resolutions (In hopes that you all will hold me to them!):

*Get Organized. In my personal life, the house, and of course everything for the blog and bakery.

*Home-made, sit down dinners. All the time. I’ve been reading Dinner: A Love Story. If you haven’t, you should. It’s not vegan or gluten free but very inspirational.

*Challenges. I watch a lot of cooking/baking shows. Once a week, I’m going to “challenge” myself to make something new and out of the ordinary for me.

*Get more active. I feel like such a slug! Always sitting (or laying) behind my laptop or on the couch. I’m taking an example from my husband and going to get moving.

*Here’s the big one: I’m going to blog EVERYDAY. If I keep to my homemade dinners every night and my challenges, this shouldn’t be an issue. I am so grateful for the support  you  all have shown, I owe you more than one post every-so-often. This way I can also keep everyone up to date on where we are at with filling rewards and where we are at in getting to a Grand Opening!

So, this is where I need your help! I want to know what you want to hear about. Got a favorite family recipe you’ve been wanting to make GF? Got a crazy challenge you want me to try? Been looking for something simple you can replicate at home? (Good, because I’ll be sharing all my challenges. Good or Bad.) Please post, email, Facebook, or tweet us your ideas!

Baking in the Bread Basket,

Amanda O.


About gfgreatplains

Hello. My name is Amanda. I'm one year gluten free, and can honestly say it's been a long time since I felt this good. This change was not by choice. When I first had the suspicion I needed to switch, I was so upset. You see, I LOVE to bake. I bake bread. I bake cupcakes. When the holidays roll around, I bake cookies like a fiend. I thought I would have to give all that up, and well, I really didn't want that to happen. But then I started researching and shopping and realized that I wouldn't be missing out on all that much. As it turns out, some of my already favorite foods are already Gluten Free! So when a doctor told me I needed to make the big change, I wasn't nearly as upset as expected. In fact, I was motivated. This was my new challenge. I'd been baking vegan for a while already, so Gluten Free should be no problem. My goal is to make (and photograph, as that is my another love) delicious Gluten Free goodies that EVERYONE, even those who can still have gluten can enjoy.
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