Labor Day (A sneaky vegan meal)

This Labor Day we decided we were going to have my parents and my brothers, all 5 million of them ;), over for dinner.

We made pasta (gluten-free for me) with a home-made oven roasted tomato sauce (Check our recipe section!) Super easy, super fresh, and super good. Spicy enough for my dad and my husband, but sweet enough for me and the kids to enjoy. My parents brought garlic bread and a really yummy veggie packed salad to the table. Mike made his homemade hummus and we enjoyed that with tortilla chips and sliced veggies while playing Battle of the Sexes.

And finally, dessert. What I know best. We had the leftover treats from this weekend, Snickerdoodle cupcakes and Chocolate cupcakes with cherry filling.

Little did my family know, they just ENJOYED a vegan dinner and dessert.


About gfgreatplains

Hello. My name is Amanda. I'm one year gluten free, and can honestly say it's been a long time since I felt this good. This change was not by choice. When I first had the suspicion I needed to switch, I was so upset. You see, I LOVE to bake. I bake bread. I bake cupcakes. When the holidays roll around, I bake cookies like a fiend. I thought I would have to give all that up, and well, I really didn't want that to happen. But then I started researching and shopping and realized that I wouldn't be missing out on all that much. As it turns out, some of my already favorite foods are already Gluten Free! So when a doctor told me I needed to make the big change, I wasn't nearly as upset as expected. In fact, I was motivated. This was my new challenge. I'd been baking vegan for a while already, so Gluten Free should be no problem. My goal is to make (and photograph, as that is my another love) delicious Gluten Free goodies that EVERYONE, even those who can still have gluten can enjoy.
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