S’mores. The best invention, ever.

I love, love, love, love s’mores. When I was a kid, they were the only reason camping was even mildly considered as acceptable vacationing in my mind. So imagine my excitement when I discovered there was a gluten free option for me to still enjoy my favorite childhood treat.

Over the weekend, myself and my crew of taste-testers made these campfire standbys using two different types of gluten free graham crackers. We used Kristy’s Kitchen’s Artisan Graham Crackers (from a mix) and S’moreables (store bought). (Check out my upcoming post on Kristy’s Kitchen.) To make sure the test wasn’t swayed, we used the dark chocolate and marshmallows (both gluten free, of course) as our control group.

The Artisan Graham crackers were tasty. They had a ginger-snappy taste to them, and were more of a cookie texture than cracker (and this is probably because I didn’t roll them out super thin.) My 10 year old brother liked these ones because he said it made his s’more taste like a Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Cream Pie. Unfortunately, he was the only one who liked them. The taste was a little over-bearing for my dad and mom.

The S’moreables brand took me back to camping out with my family. They were the same vanilla and honey taste with the soft crunch that everyone knows. The big difference between these guys and the “regular” graham crackers is size. They were small enough that just half of a marshmallow makes the perfect balance of graham cracker/chocolate/marshmallow tastes.

Overall, the vote was for the store bought graham crackers. Nothing against the Kristy’s Kitchen mix, we were just looking for that same taste that we all grew up with. And we found it with S’moreables.


About gfgreatplains

Hello. My name is Amanda. I'm one year gluten free, and can honestly say it's been a long time since I felt this good. This change was not by choice. When I first had the suspicion I needed to switch, I was so upset. You see, I LOVE to bake. I bake bread. I bake cupcakes. When the holidays roll around, I bake cookies like a fiend. I thought I would have to give all that up, and well, I really didn't want that to happen. But then I started researching and shopping and realized that I wouldn't be missing out on all that much. As it turns out, some of my already favorite foods are already Gluten Free! So when a doctor told me I needed to make the big change, I wasn't nearly as upset as expected. In fact, I was motivated. This was my new challenge. I'd been baking vegan for a while already, so Gluten Free should be no problem. My goal is to make (and photograph, as that is my another love) delicious Gluten Free goodies that EVERYONE, even those who can still have gluten can enjoy.
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